Science Leadership

by Rachel Kindt, Ph.D.

I’m Rachel Kindt, Ph.D., and I write about management and leadership, the power of self-awareness, and how to fuel your career growth with experimentation.

Invitational Leadership: Engaging Your Team Beyond Directives

If you're a leader, you have the power to dictate what people should know and do. However, there's another, often more effective approach: inviting them into the process. Let's explore how. Certainly, as a leader, you can make requests and...

Gaining Perspective from the Middle Seat: How Leaders Can Benefit from Following for a Change

Leaders, have you experienced the delight of following? There is no question I like to lead - being out in front, open space around me, finding the path and inviting others to follow. In rowing, I'm often the rower who sits...
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Leading From Any Seat: Unlocking Leadership at Every Level

Do you believe you need an authoritative title, such as a manager or director, to exhibit leadership qualities? Think again. In the earlier stages of my career, the idea of "leading from any seat" seemed almost implausible. Can one truly...

Beyond Facts: Sailing the Vast Ocean of Leadership with Stories

Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes being a leader is like captaining a boat without a rudder? I get it – you'd probably raise an eyebrow at this comparison. But, believe it or not, I once...

Steering the Ship: How Biotech Leaders Can Navigate Setbacks & Keep Momentum

As a leader in the fast-paced biotech world, you're steering the ship through uncharted waters, pioneering new frontiers in science and technology. With every new experiment and innovative endeavor, you're pushing the boundaries of what's possible. But let's be honest:...

Three Characteristics of a Good Scientific Leader

"I choose the company based on the leader," I told the CSO. This person had reached out for scientific leadership coaching and training for their Research group. In the first conversation, I realized I was assessing them as much as...

How Leaders Can Harness the Power of Humor in the Workplace

I had an intriguing experience recently that got me pondering the role of humor in the workplace. I was preparing for a meeting with a client, a session we both anticipated to be intense and serious. However, when I saw...

When Leaders Should Tell Instead of Show

Telling or showing - which comes more naturally to you?  In a nutshell from my last newsletter, telling is the mindset of, “I have the answer." Showing is the mindset of, “You will arrive at your own answer with my...

Turning Tides: How Challenging Times Can Be Stepping Stones to Progress

I've been learning that when you do something challenging, a moment of despair can be a sign of progress. And it's also a great opportunity to lead. Last week, I was working on a coaching plan for a new client. Developing these plans...

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