About Rachel Kindt, Ph.D.

Scientific Leadership Coach & Speaker

I believe that scientists and other technically trained professionals can grow and thrive at any type of job…
with a little help.

Why do I believe this?
Because I did it myself, AND because I have mentored and coached many others to successfully grow their careers.

My story

With two scientist parent and interesting scientist friends around the dinner table every week, I always imagined I’d grow up to be a scientist but had no idea where that path would take me.

After a PhD and postdoctoral fellowship, I decided to take the plunge into the biotech world. I’d always wanted to make the world a healthier place, and was curious (and a little nervous) about work and life beyond an academic lab. There was so much that was new in my first biotech job (at Exelixis), I kept thinking:

“Graduate school did not prepare me for this!”

From that point on, I resolved to grow beyond my scientific training to successfully navigate this new work environment.

As I moved to a larger company (Genentech) and into positions of greater responsibility in drug development, I eventually filled the gaps in my academic science training. And, as a manager and mentor, I saw firsthand the opportunities and challenges for scientists, particularly science PhDs, in a real-world work environment.

Along the way, I realized that my superpower was helping people and organizations find their potential and grow, and that I was fascinated not only by science but by learning how people tick.

When my last company (MyoKardia) was acquired in a record-breaking deal, I took the opportunity to leave full time corporate work.

Since then, I’ve reinvented my career to focus on what I love to do - helping scientists and scientific organizations thrive.

For more about me, including my complete bio, see my LinkedIn profile.

Rachel Kindt Ph.D.

What I’m doing now:

  • I work 1x1 with individual clients or through their employers, using a combination of my deep business experience and integral coaching methods.

  • I partner with biotech companies to coach and advise their senior leaders and/or high potential scientists.

  • I write about scientific leadership, career growth and self-awareness. I am currently co-authoring a book of career advice for scientists.

Like you, I am a whole person, not just a working professional. Here are some of my other identities in the world:

I’ve been married 25 years and am a mother of two college aged-daughters. My family has taught - and is still teaching me! - patience and how to manage my own emotions.

Early mornings, you may find me out on the San Francisco Bay in a rowing scull or shell. I have been an avid Masters rower for 7 years. Rowing and competing have taught me strength and perseverance, and the deep benefits of teamwork.

Rachel Kindt Rowing

Rachel embodies a lot of the qualities I aspire to - highly empathic, EQ, thoughtful/mindful, and present in the subtleties of the situation. This allowed her to open up a different viewpoint to my experiences and one that I could gradually bring on board, which was very helpful and felt like growth.

- Drew Titmarsh, Ph.D.
CEO, Dynomics Inc.


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