Scientific Leadership Speaker

Scientific Leadership Speaker

There are a lot of people who talk about leadership, and even more who talk about science, but what about the two together?

I’m your speaker for a technical or scientific audience who is hungry to understand how the non-academic world of careers works.

This is a chance to bring them an engaging experienced speaker who knows what it’s like to come from a science background and shares their wisdom and advice from a successful career in a candid, humorous way.

Introducing your next speaker, Rachel Kindt

After a Biology PhD and postdoctoral fellowship, I dove headfirst into the biotech world, working my way from the lab bench to the corporate boardroom in her 20+ year career.

Today, my mission is to be a guide for people and organizations aspiring to be their best selves, with a focus on science trained professionals and biopharma organizations.

Rachel Kindt Ph.D.

Speaking Topics for Scientific Leadership

Scientific career journeys

  • How the power of experimentation can fuel your career growth.
  • From bench to boardroom: the path of scientific leadership.
  • Five things you never learned in your scientific training
  • Careers in pharma/biotech.

Skills and mindsets to grow your career

  • Managing your manager (and vice versa).
  • Tips for successful communication to non-experts.
  • Communication for influence and alignment.
  • The mindset shifts every science professional needs to make.

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Rachel delivered a powerful session on self-advocacy at a recent Thermo Fisher Scientific event. I found her to be thoughtful and insightful as we delved into the session details & discussed actionable areas to touch upon. The audience was very engaged and offered unanimous positive feedback!

- Shreya Krishnamurthy



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Scientific Leadership Coaching

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