Taking the Leap: How I’m Overcoming Perfectionism in my Solopreneur Journey

Two years ago, I left my biotech job to embark on a solopreneur adventure. Here’s the one big lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again:

Don’t wait until you are sure that you’re ready.

Right after leaving my job and each year since, I take a few days for a solo retreat at a little house in Sonoma – a “me-treat” – to reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going. Every year is different. This year, I could look back and see how just trying new stuff – experimentation – has worked out well most of the time, and how it’s helped me grow.

A year ago I was writing blogs… but not posting anything. They were never done, never perfect, never ready.

Now, I post, I don’t perfect.

What changed?

I’m getting over myself – the recovering perfectionism, the fear of putting a foot wrong. I realize that my gifts or anyone gifts don’t do the world a darn bit of good if you just sit on them. That sometimes it’s better to hold your breath and push “send” – on a post, an email, an opportunity.

And yet, as #brenebrown talks about, there’s one leadership lesson the universe keeps putting in front of you over and over again. Mine is about acting before feeling fully ready. Just getting past that “I’m not sure” feeling and accepting whatever comes next.

So I asked myself on the “me-treat,” what is it I’m holding back on now, because it’s scary and might not be perfect?

The newsletter. My scientific leadership email newsletter. I’m doing it! 

Stay tuned, and thank you for being there and encouraging me these past few years.

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