The Subtle Skill of Being Fully Present: Why Truly Embracing the Moment Matters

I was listening to my father-in-law tell a story.

I’m visiting my in-laws and for a high energy person, the pace of visiting older relatives is – there’s no way around it – slow.

You wonder where the time goes and if you are fulfilling any purpose.

Then the universe by way of the tea company sent a little message reminding me what’s going on:

“Your strength is shared when you are present with others.”

Oh, right. You get so caught up thinking you have to be doing something, it’s hard to accept that simply being there is amazingly meaningful to people. It’s part of what makes coaching so powerful, and an underrated superpower of leaders and managers – making people feel seen and heard.

Plus I hadn’t considered the connection between strength and presence, something to reflect on later, and I’d welcome any thoughts.

But for now I just smiled, sipped my tea, and continued listening to the story.

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