Transforming Stagnation into Growth: How Uncertain Times Can Spark Personal Development

After 20 years in biotech, I believe personal growth is recession proof.

Here’s why…

Throughout my career, there were times when my day to day job felt like it was going nowhere. Maybe there was a big organizational change, or maybe I was temporarily stuck with a manager or group where I didn’t resonate.

Surprisingly, these uncertain, suboptimal periods of work are ideal for self growth and change.

Why is that?

With less focus on career expectations in your current role, you can be freer to experiment and take risks.

For example, I’d practice speaking up in meetings where previously I was quiet. What were they going to do, fire me? Oh right, that’s probably going to happen anyway.

If my situation involved a challenging boss or co-workers, I practiced how to work with people who push my buttons.

Once I was working with a difficult leader and it was so unpleasant I had a countdown clock on my computer tracking how many days, hours and minutes till the project ended. Still, I took the time to think and get advice on how to work with them and keep the necessary emotional distance. I still use the skills I learned from dealing with that challenging relationship.

Also, I was more likely to put time into reading or training that benefitted myself.

With less engagement in my workplace, I was more open to people and events outside. In one case, this led me to a marvelous coaching program. When my work situation eventually stabilized, I had a whole new set of tools in my toolbox.

Of course, it’s better to be in a role where you can thrive.

But even if you can’t thrive right now, you can learn.

And….if you are feeling stuck where you are and would like a guide to change and growth, a coach may be a good idea.  There are many excellent coaches out there, with different strengths and specialities. You can learn more about how I approach coaching here.

Photo by Chris Henry on Unsplash

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