Unlocking Creativity: The Undervalued Superpower in the Biotech Industry

In the hard nosed business of biotech, we don’t talk much about creativity. But it’s actually a secret superpower to thrive in your work. Here’s why.

Creativity is imagining and implementing what hasn’t been done yet, or improving what’s already there. Much of our work in biotech is to do just that, and I see creativity manifested all over in our day-to-day work. 

Creativity shows up:

Developing a business case
Designing a clinical study
Deciding how to facilitate a meeting
….and many other ways

One of my clients, somewhat abashedly, confided in me that they found writing HR policy an act of creativity. I loved this! As a coach I want to encourage people to use creativity since it’s such a great way to tap into your strengths and what you enjoy.

So, even if you hadn’t thought about your job as being creative, ask yourself:

-What parts of your job do you most enjoy getting in and shaping what can happen?
-Where do willingly spend time to iterate and design?
-What do you enjoy doing, beyond just reaching an outcome?

I would love to hear where you are enjoying being creative at work and where you want to be more so.

Whatever it is, you’ll enjoy it.

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