Where Do Ideas Go When They Leave Your Mind? How a Question Can Clear the Air.

My best writing ideas come early in the day.

This morning, after I did some sitting (aka meditating aka trying to calm my monkey brain) I had a new idea for a topic for my weekly post. I took a slew of notes planning to come back to rearrange and finish later in the day.

Late afternoon, and the notes aren’t there. My note taking app did not save them. And I’m not sure I can re-create the thoughts in time for my Monday inspiration post. Not a very Zen moment.

So I wondered, where do ideas go when they leave your mind?

Asking this question calmed and amused me. Both states were highly welcome as I cast around to resuscitate the day’s writing goal. And it brought me back to the original topic of today’s post, which is the impact of asking questions.

I am learning how questions create space. Space for new ideas. And this even – or especially? – if the questions aren’t answered.

This past week, one of my coaching clients, after taking some time off, asked me, “Is it possible to have that same sense of restfulness and freedom on the days that you work?

Hmm that’s interesting. I opened my mouth to speak and then realized – there wasn’t an answer. There didn’t need to be an answer.

And so I said, that’s a wonderful question. Why don’t you reflect on it? And just by asking the question, and it not being answered right away, something had changed for my client. Maybe a sense of possibility.

Have you ever had it happen where just asking the question made all the difference? 

Are we comfortable asking when we don’t know the answer? 

What questions are you asking yourself, or would really like to ask others, even if no one knows? 

Try and see what happens.

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